10,000 Foot View

10,000 Foot View


Marketing means growth. When you focus on your marketing strategies, you focus on increase and growth, which directly effects your bottom line.

The following is food for thought. Your organization may well have some of these strategies in place. Whether you do or not, it doesn’t hurt to learn and become aware.


(In preparation of Buyers Journey)

This is where you prepare to begin, or to continue, building your list.

  • Define your avatar (perfect client/buyer)
  • Identify pain-points
    • Market research
    • Defining avatar
    • Surveys
    • just knowing your clients’ issues
  • Develop Valuable Giveaways/Promotions
    • Based on pain-points

In his REPUMETERTM, Steve Lowell refers to this as ‘Obscurity’ – No one knows you yet as your prospect transitions to buyer’s Awareness


(Buyers Journey – Stage 1)

Your avatar, or prospect, is experiencing a problem or an opportunity and they are looking for answers. They are doing educational research to find you.

This is where value is given and the list is built. This is the very beginning of you being branded as the expert in your field.

  • Blogging
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media

Steve Lowell refers to this as ‘Competitive’ – One of Many as your prospect transitions to Consideration


(Buyers Journey – Stage 2)

This is where the prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. You are on their radar as a solution provider. (Steve Lowell refers to this as Distinctive – One of a Few)

  • Gathering contact information
    • Relevant info (name, email)
    • Tagging according to attributes

Steve Lowell refers to this as Distinctive – One of a Few as your prospect transitions to the buyer’s Decision stage


(Buyers Journey – Stage 3)

Having now decided on their solution strategy, method, or approach – you have made ‘the short list’. The prospect becomes your clients and customers.

  • Emails
  • Customer Relations
  • In Person one-on-one (Zoom, phone)

Steve Lowell refers to this as the ‘Category of One’ – You are the Go To person for the buyer


(Buyers Journey – Stage 4)

Here is where a prospect has enjoyed a wonderful experience buying from you and is now delighted with awesome after-sales service and communications. Trust and reciprocated support now come from the client.

  • Engage & Delight
  • Innovation
    • Find a better way to serve people with the right products or services
  • Communication
    • To be helpful and add even more value
  • Education
    • To provide better understanding about the product or service

Further cementing you in the ‘Category of One’, your clients will become your supporter, refer you, [Share] you socially and singing your praises

One Thousand Foot View

Well, if you’re still with me let’s drill down a little further to explore more about the activities around a campaign to help a prospect along their buyer’s journey.

Awareness – Attract

There are so many components that can go into the Awareness stage. There’s no way you can do them all but it should be someone’s full-time job to continuously produce these components. And when you find a winning combination, focus your efforts in that direction.

Blogs & vlogs

LinkedIn reports



Web pages



Social Media

Research Report


Landing pages



How To’s




Trial downloads


Calls to Action


FB posts


Speaking events

FB ads


Anything else you can think of

And where do you put all this great content?

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Pinterest

No – not all of these – just the ones that make sense for your target audience.

Consideration – Convert

Whatever media you put out in the Awareness stage, should sooner or later lead to a Call-To-Action.

CTA: promotes an offer and leads to a Landing Page (form). Submitting form presents a Thank You page. (goal – 10% click through)


Case Studies

Product Whitepapers

FAQ Sheets

3rd Party Reviews

Anything else you can think of


Landing Page: Use a form to gather contact info in exchange for value. Good place for image, animation or short video. (goal – 20% submit form) Consider how your Avatar is interpreting the offer – tweak carefully to see what’s working.


Thank You Page: Good place to provide more content and entice social media sharing etc. At this point you display the websites navigation so prospect can spend more time on your site.

Decision – Close

Email lists must be carefully used to send the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Free Trials

Product Demos

Estimates or Quotes

ROI Reports


Anything else you can think of

Emails at this point should have clearly defined goals, should be personalized and should focus on engagement with links and CTA’s.

Calendar appointment – to set a date and time for a Zoom video call or phone call

Prospect calls or emails you – to learn more or to actually buy

Customer Delight

Trust can be built over the entire buyer’s journey but is cemented after the sale.

  • Serve, delight and educate with content.
  • Resolve customer’s problems
  • Follow-up emails to welcome and educate