Need Marketing?

Promotional campaigns and marketing funnels require the use of a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tool such as Infusionsoft, HubSpot or Active Campaign (to name a few). The key ingredient to successful campaigning is long term consistency in your message and your values. It’s not a one-time deal.

To that end, you’ll be interested in my monthly maintenance and support plans.

3 Maintenance Plans to choose from

Need a Website?

basic website begins with a few typical pages (5 – 10 pages):

  • Home
  • About
  • Products (or Services)
    • May have sub-pages for various products or services
    • May have sub-pages like a gallery
  • Contact Us
Two Payment Options

$1500  ($500/month for 3 months or  $125/month for 12 months)

BASIC Website Payment Option 1

BASIC Website Payment Option 2

major website with up to 20 pages:

  • Any web pages you like
  • Shopping cart (e-commerce)
  • PayPal button or equivalent
  • Events calendar
  • Promotions and marketing funnels
Two Payment Options

$3000  ($1000/month for 3 months or $250/month for 12 months)

Additional costs may include special themes or plugins – depending on your requirements. Some plugins might require annual renewal charges.

MAJOR Website Payment Option 1

MAJOR Website Payment Option 2

One-time Jobs

Sometimes you just need a quick graphic or PowerPoint presentation done up as an occasional service or one-time deal. No Sweat. This is also a good way to get to know me. Besides the web maintenance and building activities listed above, check out the Other related Services I offer. (below)
flat fee: $75 / hour
Blocks of Hours

Other Services

As a website is developed and grows, there are always several related skill-sets required.

  • Ad and Banner Design
  • Video Production (filming, editing, voiceovers, music and production)
  • Brochures & Marketing Materials
  • Original Theme Music for Videos or Live Events
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Web QA Testing (sites and online forms etc)
  • Technical Writer (content, help files, proofreading)
  • Online course authoring and development

These services will likely fit into one of the Maintenance Plans (above).

But if you only need a one-time job done, by all means select from Pay-As-You-Go above.

Either way, we’ll be talking soon.